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Hello my name is Erik Powell.

I am here because I am passionate about helping new bike commuters to make the transition to a car free commute in a safe and healthy way without making the mistakes I did.

I know what it is like to sit in bone crushing traffic jams where the stress levels rise as the traffic slows.

That is why I am here to help you to set up the perfect bike with the right equipment, find the best way to work in order to make your bike commute pain free and most importantly FUN!

It was not long ago that I was like all the other car commuters, stuck in traffic, no time for exercise and arriving to work and back home stressed from the car drive alone.

Then I discovered a way to get rid of one of our cars, move over to a bike and save time in my commute and exercise time slots by combining both.

It has not been easy. I have run into problems like a bad fall in super cold weather (I swear by helmets), flat tires, getting rained and snowed on (luckily I had the right equipment) and everything else.

Now I am a full time bike commuter, and I am an all-weather happy healthy bike commuter who arrives to work stress free from the commute.

And now I want to help you get the same results. The first step is simple. Just start pedaling!


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