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Great Apps for commuting

Commuting to work  by bike requires a certain level of concentration, and I still feel that a couple of apps can help.  When I commute to work there are two little apps that I use to make the ride even more enjoyable.  I hope you find these useful for your commutes as well.

  • Moves – This little app tracks your movements through the use of the GPS chip in your phone.  Once you start the App it automatically starts tracking your movement and logs whether you are walking, running, biking, or motorized transportation.  At the end of the day it tells you how many miles, how many calories and how many steps you took.  It also, summarizes the week and the month for you.  The Moves App does drain the battery down a little quicker, but I am OK with this tradeoff.  The benefits are quite motivating and all you have to do is start and leave it alone.    Being able to see how far you have gone in a day, or a week is motivating for me.  I hope it motivates you as well.  This app is availble on both the Iphone and Android.  Full Disclosure though Moves was just bought by Facebook in early 2014, so Privacy is whatever Facebook has at the moment in their terms of agreement…..
  • Podcast App – I love podcasts, to keep myself informed about the world.  Especially living in a foreign country, it allows me to keep abreast of things going on in the world.   One additional thing that I do, is only have one ear bud in so that I can hear the road noises around me as well.  I do not recommend ever having both ear buds in if you are around traffic.  You may not be able to hear traffic, and that could be very important.

Anyway, let me know if any of you use any other apps that make your commute enjoyable.