How to be a night rider without having to be above the law:

It is starting to get dark out earlier here on the top side of the world and we need to stay safe while biking as the sun starts setting sooner.   Getting caught in the dark can be stressful if you are not prepared.

First and foremost it is important to remember safety and visibility is paramount. Knowing that the darkness is coming sooner here are 8 suggestions to help you stay safe during the evening hours:

  1. Rear lights. The rear lights that are battery operated allow you to stand out where you are most vulnerable, when a car comes up from the rear. Make yourself visible.
  2. Front lights. The front light is the second most important piece of equipment. It allows you to see the road and oncoming cars to see you as well. Get as strong a light as possible. With the LED lights you can get very high Lumens at low energy requirements.
  3. Brightly colored jacket. Preferably one of the yellow neon jackets. These make you much more visible when a light is shined upon you as well. Additionally, they keep you protected from the rain and weather.
  4. Blinking light on backpack or helmet. One of these devices helps you to stick out more through the rapidly blinking light.
  5. Reflectors on your wheels. When a car is coming onto your perpendicular to you these reflectors help you to stick out further.
  6. A bell. Sometimes while riding you come across pedestrians who may not being paying attention and a bell can help communicate quickly that there is a bike rider nearby.
  7. Choose lightly traveled routes. This applies in summer as well. However, in winter it applies even more. Find paths where cars move the slowest, or not at all.
  8. Cell phone. Keep your charged cell phone on you, so if you do get into further trouble you are able to call home or call a taxi to give you a hand.

These simple tips will keep you safe and let you be a night rider too.

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