How to Change out a flat tire like a pro in 2 Minutes flat

Hey all, flats do occur and you need to know how to change these out.  This short action list is all you need to fix a flat like a pro.flat tire picture

Hopefully, you are using my tips to prevent flats, but they still occur sometimes.

Actions to change a flat tire:

  1. Disengage the brake
  2. Remove the wheel from the bike. I assume you have quick releases, and if you do not than pull out your crescent wrench and use this to remove wheel
  3. Fully deflate the tire, if not already done through the puncture failure point.
  4. Use the tire lever tool to remove the tire from your rim
  5. Remove the rubber hose from the tire
  6. If possible, take a damp rag or shirt and clean out any rocks and debris from inside the tire
  7. Take the new rubber hose and partially inflate (I recommend a small pump here rather than the CO2 cartridges) just enough to easily snake back into tire
  8. Place partially inflated rubber hose into the tire
  9. Position inflation nipple into hole of rim
  10. Use the tire lever tool to place tire on rim again (you may need to deflate the tire again)
  11. Once tire completely on rim, partially pump up tire and ensure that the rubber hose is completely below the tire (if not deflate and get rubber tube positioned completely below tire)
  12. Complete pumping up the tube
  13. Remount bike wheel
  14. Reengage the brake

That is it- simple and to the point.  Good luck all.


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