How to equip your commuter bike:

When you think about a bike you need for commuting, it is much different than one you would use for the mountains, or racing.  It has to be something sturdy, light, all weather capable and reliable.   Below is what you need for your commuter bike:

  • Front Lights- I prefer the ones that you connect to an installed dynamo generator on the bike.
  • Rear Lights- I also like this to be set up to run off the installed dynamo generator.  I find the ones that have a small self-charging battery, so when you stop at a light there is still a red light generated the best.
  • Mud fenders – simply keep the water and mud off you fairly well.
  • Tire changing kit – I have mine stashed in a small saddle fanny pack with Emergency repair equipment – at least one rubber tube, and tire lever tool
  • Mounted pump – Obviously, so you can pump up your flat tire, if necessary.
  • Bike rack – allows you to put on panniers.
  • Panniers – for transporting your clothes, lunch, and laptop.  If you are going to get one then I recommend getting a waterproof pannier.  I use the Orlteib Panniers and swear by them.  Just make sure it is sturdy and keeps your stuff dry.
  • Bell – You simply need a way to let pedestrians know you are behind them.
  • Reflectors – make sure you are visible also when a car approaches you perpendicular by having spoke reflectors on your bike as well.
  • Comfortable seat – Find something that feels good, as you want to make the ride comfortable.  You are looking to do this for the long haul, so find a seat that you like and supports you well.
  • Bike lock – something solid.  My personal favorite are the locks without keys.  One less thing to worry about.

I hope the list was helpful for you.  Let me know if I missed anything.  Thanks all.

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