How to get motivated to ride your bike:

possibleSometimes the difference between taking the car and stepping onto your bike is simply the motivation you have. Biking provides a ton of advantages, and we know this intuitively. Still we need motivation sometimes to get on that bike in the morning and ride to work. Here are the things that motivate me to bike to work:


  1. Biking gives you energy – I get my exercise and am able to get to work at the same time. Exercise has always been important to me and being able to combine commuting and exercise has actually been a time saver for me.
  2. Biking is a Zen like, calming experience. The beautiful thing about a bike for me is the quietness of the bike, the sound of the wind rushing past, which gives a white noise feel and puts me into a very rewarding state of wellbeing.   This state makes me feel better for hours and is really nice after a stressful day to get on the bike and let the workday stress wash away as soon as I start to peddle.
  3. Wind in your face makes you happy – I love the wind rushing past my head and the pure joy of the bike peddling that simply brings a smile to my face.
  4. Able toThink outside of the box – When I chose to start biking to work it reinforced to me that there is more than one way to do something. It is also kind of neat to see me coworker shake their heads in the kind of weather I ride my bike in. Having the right rain gear and mud flaps totally opens up the possibilities. This frees you up.
  5. Inspiration in $$$$ saved – just remember, if you can cut out one car from your family, you start saving an additional $6000 a year and you do not need a gym membership any longer. A $500 dollar a month after tax raise is a great motivator and you get exercise for free at no extra charge. On top of that no parking fees and expensive maintenance costs.
  6. Sell your car! – the big ballsy move. Cut the apron strings and go sans car! Once you sell your car, you remove the training wheels from this experiment and give yourself no other convenient choice, except to use your bike. That is motivation from the other side.
  7. No more traffic Jams – When I get to traffic lights, I am now always at the front and no longer need to wait for light sequence. I always have the EZ pass and get to cut to the front of the line.
  8. Be prepared – Rain gear, mud flaps, gloves, spare tires.
  9. Track your progress – get something like the app Moves for the iPhone or Android and track your daily progress. Remember, what get measured gets improved.
  10. Document your physical progress – take before pictures, and then monthly update your progress. Moving to a bike will cause you to lose weight as you start burning more calories. On a bike at fast tempo of 18-20 mph (28-32 kph) you burn around 1000 calories an hour.


For me, these things are what motivate me to get on my bike every morning and enjoy the freedom bike commuting provides over commuting by car. Hopefully, you can find motivation in this list and keep the bike commuting habit going.

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